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REMINDER: DSA Requirements and Deadlines

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Attached is an important memo to districts. The memo outlines the final requirements and deadlines for the 2009-10 DSA. Thanks for all your hard work to complete these documents in a timely way!

Clarification Regarding Regional Recruitment Support

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There are two types of regional recruitment support in Region 1: 1) Some districts establish an MOU in which the region is responsible for all recruitment efforts in the district. 2) Other districts provide basic staffing and recruitment efforts locally, and the region provides some additional support, training and technical assistance. Please read the attached memo for more details regarding regional support to districts for I&R efforts.

IMPORTANT: 2009-2010 Regional Recruiter MOU

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Some districts have established an MOU with Region 1. Under this MOU, the region assumes responsibility for recruitment in the participating district. We are in the process of planning recruitment support for 2009-2010. If your district is interested in renewing an existing MOU, or discussing the possibility of establishing a new MOU for next year, please contact your assigned program manager no later than APRIL 30.


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The new DSA is now available on MESN! Read more....


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To apply for 2009-2010 REGION 1 MEES funding please review the attachments in this posting. Deadline to turn in applications is May 15, 2009 at C.O.B.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF)-MEES

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Please click to read more about the SVCF proposal.

ARAC #4 Best Practices-Cabrillo Summer Packet Program – Rosalba

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Please click the attachment to read the Best Practices for the summer packet program that Cabrillo provides to their families. The Cabrillo SD shared this information to the ARAC.

ARAC #4 Best Practices – Summer Reading – Gerry Lopez

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Please check the attached information to read the best practices for summer reading project shared by Gerry Lopez at the last ARAC.

ARAC #4 Documents

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Please see the meeting attachments for the last ARAC on 4/9/09. For more information on Best Practices shared at the ARAC please check on the MESN board.

May 2009 RIF Distribution

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Please click read more to read about the May RIF Distribution.


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Several years ago the region developed a set of Desired Outcomes for each component area. The I&R document is especially useful in calculating staffing requirements based on student numbers. The documents are posted here for your referral.


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All information related to the Kindergarten Readiness Academy Application is now online. Read more for complete details.....