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ARAC Meeting #1

Posted By relenes

Thank you all for coming to our first Migrant Education coordinator meeting. All the documents from the meeting are attached.

Regional Forum #1 Handouts

Posted By jcardona

Attached are the handouts of the regional forum #1 that took place on September 14, 2017

Preschool Forum #1 handouts 9/8/17

Posted By MArevalo in PK  Preschool 

See attachments for PK Forum #1 Handouts, Agenda and Sign-ins

Power Point Templates: Migrant Ed Overview (What is MEP and Who qualifies)

Posted By jcardona

These power points, in English and in Spanish, are meant for parent presentations (i.e. DELAC, ELAC, PAC, etc.) and can be edited to fit each district. They have the new qualifications of the 2017 IDR guidance.

IDR Webinar from 8/28/17 and Re-Enrollment Memo

Posted By jcardona

Here is the recording of the Webinar that took place on August 28th . The following topics are covered in this presentation: the re-enrollment process for 2017-18, annual contacts, grad report, how to access a MSIN 6.0 account and how to run an active student list.