Posted by Deborah Abello on Friday, July 01, 2011 in RegionalStaff 

As of July 1, Lourdes Sanchez is no longer with the Migrant Program.  Layoffs at SCCOE have bumped her to another program.  We appreciate all that Lourdes has done to support migrant students and their families, and will miss her cheerful smile and outstanding work!

We welcome Marcela Reyes, who will be taking Lourdes position.  I think that Marcela will be a great addition to the program, and I look forward to introducing her to everyone.  Please make her feel welcome, and bear with us as she goes through the training process. 

We took advantage of the transition to do a small reorganization of our office staff. Marcela will now be working the front desk and answering phones.  So you will all get to talk with her the next time you call the office!

Finally, Maricela Garcia, Enrollment Data Specialist, will return from maternity leave on July 11. Congratulations on her beautiful new son!  She will come back as a .5 FTE, and will be working in the morning hours.  When Maricela returns, we will determine her specific hours and what her district assignments will be.  We'll let everyone know within a few days.

We hope that everyone is enjoying the summer months!