Recruiter Kit

Posted by Jocelyne Cardona on Monday, November 07, 2016

 1.       Paper COE’s (English) – Required in case of laptop failure and to explain COE sections to Spanish speaking interviewees.

2.       Paper COE Printing Instructions – Required to follow directions when printing blank copies.

3.       2017 I&R Manual Chapter 2, 3 and 4 – In substitution for the 2010 manual. New guidance as of July 1, 2017

4.       Interview Pattern – Mandatory to be used when pre-screening families and during a COE interview to determine eligibility. Allows for interview consistency.

5.       Proof of Interview letter/parent re-interview letter and appeal process (English/Spanish) – Ensures that parents/youths are prepared for potential re-interviews in the future and COE information is confirmed

6.       Harvest season charts (fruits/vegetables/nuts) – This is just one of many charts available. Keep in mind that it’s often necessary to do more research, such as checking growers’ association websites for specific counties within CA and in other states.

7.       Recruiter Ethics Policy – Acts as a reminder that we must adhere to all eligibility criteria at all times.

8.       COE Submission Checklist – Helps recruiter take the steps to review each COE

9.       COE Log – A log to help recruiters keep track of their COEs, when they submitted them, and when they were approved.

10.   Annual Contact Form – For staff to use when completing Annual Contacts

11.   K-12 Annual Contact Directions – Directions for staff to use when completing K-12 Annual Contacts

12.   MEP Presentation (Spanish/English) (2017) – Presentation templates for staff to use for presentations. They can be edited to fit the audience and the specific district