MESN to MSIN 6.0 Transition Recording and Handouts

Posted by Jocelyne Cardona on Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The following is an outline of the times in which topics are discussed for non-sub granted districts who do not need to watch the entire presentation since the Region takes care of these things for you :


Topic                                                                     Minute

Introduction                                                       0:00-3:00

What has happened?                                     3:00-15:15

Data Guidance                                                15:16-20:29

File Encryption                                                 20:30-21:30

MSD Numbers and COEstar Number         21:30-25:00

CELDT Scores                                                 25:20-26:49

INA/ILP                                                              26:50-27:50

MLAPs                                                               27:50-32:00

Annual Contacts                                              32:30-34:50

Service Inputting                                              34:50-38:54

Technical Assistance                                      39:00-41:21                                                                        

Timeline Recap                                                41:21-42:20

Follow-Up Trainings                                        42:00-42:45

Closing                                                               42:45-43:47


If you are a sub granted district, we expect for you to watch the 45 minute presentation. Attached you will also find:

  •     Webinar Cheat Sheet(s)
  •    Frequently Asked Questions Document
  •    Regional Draft “Estimated Releases and Training Timeline”