MSIN 6.0 - Feb 15th Memo : MSIN 6.0 Access and MSD Numbers

Posted by Jocelyne Cardona on Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Everyone who needs access to the new system can update or request an account. Some of you have had access in the past and some of you need access to the new system. Please read the attached memo titled “MSIN 6.0 System Access Directions.” Even if you are a non-sub granted district, there is pertinent information about Migrant Student ID Numbers (MSD) numbers in the memo for you.

 Attached are the following documents referenced in the memo:

  •  MSIN 6.0 Current User Accounts (Excel)
  • MSIN 6.0 User Guide- System Access (PDF)
  •  MSIN 6.0 User Guide – Requesting User Account (PDF)
  • MSIN 6.0 User Guide – Child Search
  • Memo sent on January 20, 2017 on MSD numbers

Our regional office is available for technical support as always. Please reach out to your advocate, your Data Specialist, and then myself. Our office number is 408-453-6775 in case I am not in the office. Once again, please do not contact MSIN directly with questions. CDE has requested Region’s to not contact MSIN directly with questions. Most questions can now be filtered by the Regional Office in case your district recruiter or Program Advocate cannot answer your question. If it is a glitch in the system or we do not have knowledge, we will send a ticket request to WestEd.